Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011, captured!

So, my last post of the year 2011. An year that was kind of like a sour punk candy, green apple flavor. :-) Sweet, little tangy, chewy and rubbery. Flavor-wise I liked but texture-wise, may be it lasted a bit longer. Should have ended sometime earlier than usual. All said and done, it tasted nice and left a decent after-taste in my mouth!!

2011 gave me lots but like the balance that life creates, there were some not-so-great moments too. The ones that stand out would be:

·        I finally started writing through this blog!! My biggest high of the year without doubt. The feeling that this space is mine gives me so much liberty to be myself and write what I want. I love being in these web walls. Feels safe and secure here!

·        Not many but some religious readers that I have got through this space. People who have been reading it since beginning and have shared their feedback with me. Extremely grateful to all those who take time out and read my posts. 

·        After thinking and cribbing about it for so long, this year I managed to learn Salsa. Learning the dance form was liberating and relaxing. 

·        The place was on my list for some years and in 2011 I did get to visit Jaipur, though just for a day. Beautiful vibrant city and I shopped so much! :P

·        Got back to my best friend of over 15 years!! We fell apart 2 years ago and this October when I first called her up, we talked like we had never parted. That’s the beauty of a friendship like this. It gives you the comfort cushion and you feel right back at home!! I love her and now yes, I am a maasi too as she became a mommy 2 weeks back! :-)

·        Trip to Taj Mahal..again!! It is always one of those places that I look forward to visiting!

·        Mumbai trip!! If you have been reading this space, you know I love Mumbai. 

·        Completed an year in advertising! Fun, madness, excitement, frustration…all of it rolled into one…some hell of a ride it has been!

·        Made some awesome friends. And yes, as I write this, there is some pain of losing out on two friends who decided to move on. 

·         May be, just may be, I am more at peace with myself now than I was last year.

This collage is a collection of my best moments of 2011 and some emotions are best captured through the lens. May the smiles, the hopes, the soul and the life in these pictures live on and grow some-folds in 2012!! 

A very happy, healthy and bright 2012 to you all!!

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