Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rain, waffles, cappuccino and turning a year older!

Birthday 2012 had some high points that no birthday of mine so far could match. So here goes:
  • Have never been alone ringing in the birthday, but I was on the way back home in office cab. Calls and texts gave me company all through!
  • Stopped the cab to treat myself to an ice-cream sundae at 12:15 in the night in CP!
  • It rained all day today!! Yes, I was carrying the umbrella all the time and it felt like Mumbai monsoon. Beautiful
  • Met up with a very dear friend who is like a soul mate at the diner and when we were coming out, felt like we stepped out of a New York café like the girls in Sex and the City! ;)
  • Sipped a Cosmopolitan for the first time. Have always been a LIT and Sex on the beach person
  • Managed to take a leave from office, but dint get a break from the calls. Only sore-point of the day
  • The day started with a hearty Punjabi Dilli-wala type breakfast- Puri chhole…and ended with Dal Makhni and Dum Aloo. Food is one of the biggest motivations in my life, I tell you!
  • Birthday wishes coming in from some really unexpected quarters…friends, ex-colleagues, family…all good
  • A beautiful evening it was, all complete with rains…and I was in CP. It was beyond words
  • This one is the best of all. Two of my closest friends told me that ‘I give them hope.’ I am humbled

All day I was thinking of myself as a mature 31 years old and when I came back home, cake was waiting to be cut. And I was a kid again.


  1. Many Happy returns of the day. You have a nice blog :-)

    1. Thank you so much. Have to explore yours now as its about Mumbai and I really love the city.