Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Taj Mahal – Of beauty, romance and love

There are no words to aptly describe the beauty of Taj Mahal. To me, like to the millions across the world, it means romance, beauty and love. It is one of the best architectural masterpieces we have.

If you have never been there, bring it up on your ‘must-visit’ places because you actually must! And if you have, let us take a ride down the marble wonder, again.

Here are a few of my favorites from my last 3 trips to the monument.    

That is the entry to the monument.

Gate leading to the Taj Mahal

This magical sight takes my breath away. Every single time.

This magnificence awaits you when you cross that gate

A closer angle of the grandeur

The whites of the marble and reds of the brick setting a colorful contrast

A view of River Yamuna from Taj Mahal

Colors of sunset slowly enveloping the Taj Mahal

 Hope you enjoyed this picture journey to Taj Mahal! 

See you all tomorrow!


  1. Lovely.. My trips before was way too young. Now I need to make one with my DSLR :)


  2. Enjoyed the trip very much, such beauty in a building.
    My father was stationed in India in the war, sadly he died when I was three so was unable to hear any stories he had to tell.


  3. That was indeed a trip back to the Taj :) lovely pictures Naina.

  4. Lovely pictures, Taj Mahal is of course one of my favorite monuments too. Thanks for the reminder that I need to visit soon :)

  5. I loved thsi picture journey ! The Taj is really incredible beautiful ! and it does touch a chord with the romantic in all of us !

  6. sigh, have yet to make this trip.................sob sob sob....this year....god willing

  7. I had said so much about Taj Mahal to my kids. But, when we actually visited Taj, they were disappointed. What's so great about it? There are many beautiful architectural buildings like these. They are not romantics like us. But, I get butterflies in my stomach to watch Taj up close.

  8. Thoroughly enjoyed :)
    I visited twice and my initial topic was tajmahal but I already wroote long back hence refrained
    Rabindranath tagore wrote - tajmahal is like tear drop of shahjahan
    do read my take if interested

  9. Thank you for these pictures. I have never been to the Taj Mahal. The white marble looks stark yet beautiful.

  10. Lovely , haunting pictures Naina :)

  11. I hv been wating to visit agra since the time i read Indu sundaresans mughal triology

  12. Thanks for the virtual tour, Naina! I have been to the Taj Mahal as a kid. Hope to go there sometimes again!

  13. I have seen this wonder from the train only. Must see it sometime at peace. :)

  14. Beautiful. I have seen it twice and would love to see it again.

  15. Beautiful pictures. I don't think I have seen other shots of Taj Mahal...only the view of the front of the palace. Thank you for sharing these!
    Happy A-Zing!


  16. Lovely post, liked the pictures, have not been to Taj. It will be on my list to make it, thanks for sharing !

  17. I went there as a kidand my kids have not seen it yet.Time to set this right ,eh !Beautiful captures these !

  18. I didn't think I would be impressed when I saw it, but it has an ethereal glow that is amazing!