Monday, May 13, 2013

May Photo A Day : Day 13 : Sunrise/Sunset

Day 13 prompt for  "May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life" is 'Sunrise/Sunset'.

Since I am not an early morning person, have never really taken pains to click a sunrise (although now I think I should). 

However, I have witnessed some amazing sunsets. In the hills, on the beach, in a lake and amidst city traffic too.

There are many sunset pictures I like and have posted here.

This picture was taken during amazing Mumbai monsoons and hence there was quite an interplay between clouds and sun that evening. The last flicker of the setting sun could be seen behind a thick blanket of gray clouds.


Read it somewhere:

The sunrise is Gods greeting. The sunset, his signature. 



  1. Am not a morning person too. This dusk is beautiful.

  2. "The sunrise is Gods greeting. The sunset, his signature. " - never heard these lines! Loved it...

  3. Has a melancholic shade to it. I love sunsets, clouds interplay and all of it.

  4. wow! The clouds are practically all over the place! I'm not a morning person either! ;)

  5. ah clouds competing with the sun. Good one :)

  6. Loved your sunset pictures - truly Divine.