Tuesday, May 07, 2013

May Photo A Day : Day 7 : Something beginning with F

Day 7 prompt for  "May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life" is 'Something beginning with F'.

My letter F is Fashion and fashion to me is Jimmy Choo. 

I am not a brand conscious person nor I have a fetish for shoes. I am the most comfortable in my sneakers or Kolhapuri chappals. But if there is one brand that means luxury or fashion to me ever since I have read these terms, it shall be Jimmy Choo. This is my only favorite aspirational brand. Otherwise, I am pretty agnostic to brands.

I religiously follow Jimmy Choo's Facebook page and whenever I want to look at something nice to cheer myself up, I just browse through that page. 

Yesterday, I had a meeting at one of the hotels which housed a Jimmy Choo store. I immediately stepped in to look at the prettiness. The guy there was sweet enough to handle my enthusiasm and show me the stuff around. And then I spotted this beauty.  I was just too elated to try it out and gladly clicked pictures in it. I love peep-toed shoes and this one in Champagne color were just beautiful. For 38k! 

Pictures of trial for now. Some day I shall definitely buy a pair. 

The color and glitter.

And they were insanely comfortable!


  1. I don't believe it... heels like that can never be comfortable! :|
    For me... a shoe is a shoe is a show... even if it's a Jimmy Choo! :P

  2. Wow! They look FABULOUS!!
    Amen to your wish :)

  3. Oh so you are a shoe-lady :-) F for Fashion did cross my mind but then I realized I am not that fashionable :-/

  4. 38k for a shoe!!! Too much for meto digest

  5. They look awesome...but, 38K!!! Damn!!!

  6. They looked great on you but me? I'd would be falling about.
    Grand post.


  7. Am not as cool with brands either...So guess am really not impressed that these ones are 35K!! I love shoes though and am always hungry for more :)

  8. Nope, those don't look comfortable. :) I don't like heels. But they look great.


  9. How much I love Jimmy choo's <3 I didnt even go to try them. I know I shall blow up my savings.

  10. Did I read it correctly 38 k or shud I rub my eyes and read again :O :)
    Anyway they look dazzling and hope u buy them one day !
    as of me Ican never buy them