Monday, July 04, 2011

Ten day you Challenge - Post 4. Seven wants.

Post 4 of the Challenge is Seven Wants :)

1. I want to buy a sea-facing flat in Mumbai. Quite a wish I know. But who says we can’t wish? It does not cost to dream and may be, someday I strike gold! Who knows!! ;)
2. I am still to own my first car. An Alto or a Spark will do. Its high time I do something about this one. Hmm…
3. Annual family trip when I and my sister take a serious break from the madness and take our parents for a vacation. Across the globe.
4. I so want to make my first international trip to Singapore with my sister. Just the two of us with lots of fun, food and shopping. And then I want to travel with her to quaint little towns and countryside of Europe, taste the cheese, learn wine-making, sip the coffee in the cafes lined on the cobbled streets…
5. I want to START working on my book. God knows what has been stopping me all this while. Must start at the earliest. Before my landmark birthday this year. :)
6. A brown or a black satin peep toe pumps by Jimmy Choo!!!
7. Inviting Ganpati home on Ganesh Chaturthi and hosting him for 5 days, doing the pooja, making the mithais, singing the aarti and then visarjan with the sounds of ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’. Bliss…

Of all the seven wants, few are very achievable very soon and few sometime in near future. Few are what my heart seriously WANTS and to few, my head is saying ‘pagal hai kya!!’.

But the heart wants what it wants… :)

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