Saturday, July 02, 2011

Ten day you Challenge - Post 1. Ten secrets.

Last week, I read a blog post by a brilliant author Preeti Shenoy. It was about taking up ‘10 days You Challenge’ which looked very simple and exciting.  To explain the challenge, for next ten days you have to blog on the topic depicted in the visual.
My first reaction was to start with it that very moment but I decided to give myself some time to think if I really was capable to take it up. My skepticism was because of a couple of reasons. First, would I be having that much to tell, everyday for ten days? Second, even if I come up with something, would it make a good reading? Afterall, I am not any celebrated author or a bollywood star or a famous journalist. So would anybody be interested in reading something like that in the first place? After contemplating on this for a day, I came to the conclusion that I want to write it for myself.  And if you are already on the page, I would appreciate if you could continue reading it and share your feedback post that.
(Last few words remind me of the standard signoff in the mails that we often share professionally but I don’t want to discuss work and office for now! May be in some other post, some other day)
Two very crucial points that made me actually buy the idea of going ahead with the post were:
·         The ten day marathon will discipline me in terms of putting in a number of hours daily, as I have been putting off the work on my book with the excuse of not having ‘enough’ time the whole day
·         May be, just maybe, it will help me in knowing myself better. Like what? I don’t know! So yeah, that’s why a ‘maybe’
So, the marathon begins...with ten secrets. Difficult to do but I really want to attempt it. Oh, by the way, though totally out of place question but why the number is reducing for all the nice things like 5 foods or 2 songs as we progress??? I know out of context now that I have taken it up.
Here goes the list of ten secrets of mine (in no particular order):
1.      I can never ever forgive and forget people who wronged me. Never. I have tried being a saint and forgiving a few, couple of times, if not forgetting what they did, but it just does not happen.
2.      I have given it a shot once, albeit an unsuccessful one, but I still have that desire which I buried deep in my heart 3 years back, of taking CAT and studying management in one of the good colleges in India. IIM-A, may be…(sigh)…
3.      Two career options I would sure like to try (and may do it considering my history): hospitality industry (still to figure out what, whys etc) and a kindergarten teacher, simply because I love kids and they love me too.
4.      I hate cooking. But I do want to learn making a good coffee.
5.      I miss having a fun, strong, there-for-each-other gal gang like in Sex and the City…
6.      I am outraged when I read about rapists and molesters walking out free. I am very saddened with the way judiciary is working in this country. I feel nothing less than capital punishment for such crimes will work. What disturbs me more are the cases of those teenage boys raping infants and being sent to juvenile homes. Dude!! If that b*****d knows how to do it, why providing him the shield of being a juvenile and not letting him face the real trial? I sincerely hope that rape laws are modified soon to protect women and tighten the noose around those animals.
7.      I would like to enter active politics some day and that’s the only area of interest constant since my childhood…J
8.      I can’t stand people who walk away from marrying someone they love because of ‘societal and family’ pressures. People who cant fight for their love. Its just one life yaar. Pyaar karne se pehle nahi socha tha kya???
9.      I abhor those relatives, neighbours and friends who keep poking their noses in my relationship status. And also those who bring the news of so-and-so getting married to me and my mom. My message to all of them is that please mind your own business. I am sure there are areas of concern at your house too that need your attention. As for my marriage is concerned, I will figure out my life on my own. And by the way, I am not gonna invite you to it in the first place. So please lay off.
10.  I am much more stronger mentally than I think I am.
Tomorrow, nine loves…<3


  1. Hi Naina,
    I hope you keep posting more. Interesting read.

    Well I'll say, give a good shot for A (lemme add C to the list too :P) It took me 4 years to come to Joka(i.e. IIM C) and believe me it was worth it :)

    Keep writing. :)

    PS- replied to your comment-

  2. Ruchika - Thanks babes. I hope next 9 will be nice too. Keep reading. Your feedback is important. :)

    Abhishek - Thanks so much. Coming from an experienced blogger like you means a lot. I hope you will read the next few installments. Also, thanks for replying on the comment. Though I had commented on two I guess, but this one was more interesting! Thanks :)

  3. Nicely written, I can help you with the 4th Secret though! I make good coffee! :)

  4. Thanks Abhay!! Chal theek hai...teach me that!! Over to u then!! :)

  5. caught you here.! had forgotten ur blog address.! will read the rest of the posts.! sounds interesting.!