Sunday, July 03, 2011

Ten day you Challenge - Post 2. Nine loves.

Nine Loves…
Hmm…it’s very interesting to write about love. Love as an emotion has fascinated me always.
This is my favourite topic to write on. There are not many people or things that I love, but whoever or whatever I love, I love with all my heart.  So compiling a list of nine did not appear to be that much of a task.
Here are my nine loves, in a particular order till about first three and from four to nine, they all are there and I love them all equally. J
1.      No surprises here, my parents and my sister. They mean the world to me and whatever I am today, I owe every bit to them. They have supported me all through my stupid decisions, my difficult times and my best moments (however little the last ones have been). As a family we have been a close-knit unit and have seen some real highs and lows of life, which have brought us closer.
Guys, ‘I love you’….you are the best!!
2.      Lord Ganesha, whom I address as ‘bappa’. I love him and I love him more! Well, ‘bappa’ has been my closest pal, apart from my sister, for some years now. I have this nice buddy relationship with him and that does not mean I call him ‘hey bhaggu’ (which I totally hate). Calling ‘hey bhaggu’ is such fakeness in the name of being contemporary yet traditional. Please dude, get a life!
Ok back to bappa. Ganesh Chaturthi is very dear to me. Though I hate cooking but I made ‘peda’ on last year Chaturthi for him!! And they were really yum…
I fight with him and don’t talk to him for days when I am upset with him. I blow him a kiss and recite his name once everyday before stepping out of the house in the morning for office. I love you bappa!!!
3.      A very recent addition to my friends list, but someone who changed my perception of ‘friends’ and ‘friendship’. Our universes crossed paths six months back and it is the best thing to have happened to me in this year. We don’t talk much and have met just three times in these six months but I always know he is there. I keep texting him about what is happening at my end and I know he is reading it all even though he is busy. I keep bugging him, asking him questions, telling him my frustrations and he always patiently explains things to me, knocks sense into me!
It grew gradually and I hope it continues to grow. I love him for being there for me, always.
I fondly call him ‘daddaa’ as in dad because he advises me like someone who has travelled and seen the world and has all the experience of dealing with life. And to think of it, he is all of 23.
Merv, be the gem that you are, always. And I am expecting a nice birthday gift from you (if you are reading this).
4.      Music! Ok, please correct it to Bollywood music. I have grown up listening to that and I have no qualms in admitting that I don’t understand other forms of music. And why should there be any issue? Isn’t that a personal choice? So yeah, I love tuning into FM and listening to it, and I can do it all day without getting bored. Infact, listening to FM on the way to office and back is my ‘me-time’. I love that time of the day.
Also, I don’t need any background score in my life or daily situations because there is always some song playing in my head. That kind of makes up for everything else. :D
5.      I love to dance. I am not a trained dancer and just two months old into learning Salsa, but I love to dance. And I don’t care what the world or junta is thinking of me at that time. I can’t resist tapping my feet on good music. However clichéd it may sound but it’s true that dance like no one is watching you. I live by that.
Oh by the way, I dance fine!!
6.      I love Diwali. I love the whole feel around this festival. Those few days are magical. Lighting diyas, mithais, gifts, lakshmi-pooja and yeah the traffic jams in all of Delhi around that time feel nice. Infact, I start waiting for the next Diwali soon after the end of one. First thing I check in a new year’s calendar is the Diwali date!
Somehow, it feels like a bliss to be in Delhi around Diwali. But yes, I think we can very well do without the ‘smoke emanating crackers’ part of Diwali. It’s so intoxicating as it is!   
7.      I got introduced to this sitcom long after it was over but when I started watching it, I could not live without watching it everyday. I have seen it zillion times, its re-runs are always on in the background even when I am seriously working.
I still am awake many times late in the night just to catch the show on Star World whenever it is coming (like right now!).
I have seen many sitcoms but for me there is nothing close to F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I love all the characters and know the dialogues by heart. And, Phoebe is my favourite and I identify with her somewhere. I love it when she mumbles “ uh huhh…uh huhh” or “ you guys”. J
8.      I love movies. But I have my favourite genre when it comes to watching a movie. I love rom-coms. I have seen Jab We Met, Wake up Sid, DDLJ, Pretty Woman, Notting Hill and many more, many many times. Yeah, boring but I am a huge rom-com fan.  But yeah I also like a few different (read ‘not my types’) films too. :D
9.      Food & Water!!!
Ya man, I love both. I love good food, which in no way means opulence. Food cooked well. Vegetarian or non-vegetarian, well the debate between my head and heart is still on. I do want to go back to being a vegetarian, which I was till last year and then…..I tasted KFC…and my relationship with veggies was never the same again. I hope I turn back to my herbivores ways soon.
And water. Yes, I drink lots of it and love it. I love my water bottle and that’s kind of very dear to me.

Though I don’t want to end it on a ‘senti’ note but then we are talking about love so chalta hai! Just want to add something here, may be a little out of place but nonetheless.
I love the feeling of being in love. Though it has not happened to me ever or as yet, but I have seen my friends falling in love and I have seen the increased levels of ‘happy’ hormones in them. J
Well, it's gonna happen to me too. I believe so. Some day. Amen.


  1. Are you sure," you have not enjoyed of feeling of being in love". Be honest.. :)

  2. Comman Man - Well ya, after writing about my nine loves, I have been in love...but wo love jaisa nahi hua hai...and I was referring to just that. :)
    Ashish - Thanks re!!

  3. Mai bhi wo wala love jaise ki baat kar raha tha... :0