Thursday, July 07, 2011

Ten day you Challenge - Post 6. Five foods.

There has to be this confession right at the start of this story, I love food. I am a happy Punjabi who lives to eat. My Mom is an amazing cook and that makes the every simple meal, special.
Also, being in Delhi I feel food is kind of a celebration in here. We all love our food here, from roadside chole-bhature to sushi in an upmarket Japanese restaurant. Food changes with Delhi weather and that gives it so much more flavour and variety. Gajar ka halwa in winters, pakodas in monsoon and dahi-bhalla in summers. So much to choose from.
I usually eat when I am happy and I turn to food when I am emotionally drained out. Food has always been comforting for me. Always. And yeah, going by how it shows on me, I am not surprised it loves me too! Also, not surprisingly I usually end up going on a major guilt trip once I have indulged in gluttony, which I know is not a great state to be in.
Twist in the tale is my fake vegetarianism. I turned to being a vegetarian a decade back and stuck to it without any struggle. But God knows why, gave up and gave in to KFC on fine day out with my friends. So, since then it has been a constant fight to get off meat but never happens. And to top all the confusion, I always tell people at the start of ordering food that I am a vegetarian and by the time food arrives, I am gobbling down chicken. Hence the term, fake vegetarianism. The point is I really want to turn to veggies but doesn’t happen. And last few days, I have been thinking of turning a vegan in a couple of years. Hmm…thinking never killed anyone….

So, without much ado, let’s get on to the task of the five foods on my list (difficult to list five, though).
  1. Rajma-Chawal. Simple and home-cooked. Has been the staple lunch on Sundays since ages. My Mom makes it best. And also, on a lazy Sunday, it is a sure shot way to induce sleep and enjoy a perfect Sunday siesta!!
  2. Momos. I just love them. Simple and yummy. And I can eat so many. Have not really gotten into counting business when I am eating, but it always shows where it should not…ahem ahem…so doesn’t matter!!
  3. Pasta. Penne in Cheese Sauce is my thing. Though I like almost all the varieties, but this one is my favourite. It is very simple but one of those that takes me on my guilt trip…but has that ever deterred me…?? No.
  4. Chinese as in Chinjabi. I don’t know how original Chinese food will taste like but I like what I get in Delhi. In those quaint little Chinese/Thai eateries. Noodles, Manchurian, stir-fried vegetables….yummmyyy… Chinese food is best had on cold December nights…
  1. Jalebi. My most favourite sweet dish. I have been in love with them since forever. Those sweet, little, curvy, crispy and hot jalebis are my most favourite and so hard to resist. Slurrpppp…. I remember when I was a kid, samosa and jalebi were a must when we had guests over in the evening. Oh yes, we usually get jalebis in the evenings here…thank God for that!
After writing this post, that too at this hour, I am undoubtedly hungry and want to raid the kitchen…but sleep and the thought of getting up early for office is stopping me…so much I need for motivation to not put on some extra calories…!!
See you tomorrow with four books.  :)

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