Friday, July 08, 2011

Ten day you Challenge - Post 7. Four books.

Post seven in the challenge, four books.
I do read a lot. I read on lot of topics. I like to read on politics, social issues, romance/fiction etc.
I get my politics feed through newspapers, magazines and web. I feel the stories on Indian politics are no less than a racy thriller. I am such sucker for the political stories and articles that I can even start reading an interesting article on the piece of ‘newspaper bag’ in which I just bought ‘jhaalmuri’… :)
I usually pick up ‘nice reading’ random titles on fiction, romance from bookstores. They are easy reads for the mind and eyes. Though I would admit I have not read any ‘classic’ English novels and it is on my list to pick up a few, I think reading a Chetan Bhagat suffices for me at the end of the day as I really want something like a ‘feel good’ story to read and call it a day.
Genre which I don’t understand and can’t pick up is Sci-fi. Never ever. All Greek and Latin to me.
So, my list of four books, in no particular order, goes like:
  1. Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight by Rujuta Diwekar
Ok, before you get any judgmental about I reading such weighty books, I have to tell you if you have not read this one so far, please go and read it pronto. ‘Losing weight’ is probably the last topic discussed in this book. What you eat, how you eat, how it affects your body, all the myths that we have been carrying for food…everything. It clears all the cobwebs and gives a whole new perspective on food, diet and health. A must read for all and not just for those ‘who want to lose weight’!! Besides, title is so catchy!! :D
  1. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
I loved this book. I have not read Hosseini’s other titles but after reading this one I would sure like to pick up ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ soon.
The characters, surroundings, portrait of Afghanistan then and now, all are so well-defined that you actually are living in it. Yes, many scenes in the book made me choke.
A must read, again.
Those of you who have read the book and seen the movie by the same name would sure agree with me that the movie doesn’t come any close to the emotions and pace that the book had created. I was disappointed with the movie adaptation. 

  1. Connect the Dots by Rashmi Bansal
This book is a compilation of 20 odd stories of normal people making it big in their ventures. I read this book when I was low on confidence and needed motivation. This one had just gotten launched and reading it helped me a lot.
To clarify, this is not just for those who want to start out on their own sometime. It is for all those who dream to make it big in whatever they do. Normal people, out of ordinary stories…simply told.
The book features stories of the founders of Crossword books stores, Tantra T-shirts amongst many more.
  1. Almost Single by Advaita Kala and Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat
Sorry for jumping the queue and picking up two for the last slot.
Almost Single is a super fun story. Such an easy read. Ofcourse I could relate to the protagonist in many parts of the story just made it all interesting. Read it if you have not read a nice breezy story in some time.
Five Point Someone is my most favourite novel from Chetan Bhagat’s stable. Ok, I forgot to mention this before in any of my earlier posts, he is my favourite author. Ya I know, the ‘classic Booker and Pulitzer reading generation’ will feel offended but I think he is very good. His work sells like nobody’s business and people wait for his next installment eagerly (I do. Next one is out this Diwali by the way!). I follow him on Twitter and his tweets are really witty. I think 3 Idiots completely justified the book and I loved watching it.
While I wind up this post, I realize there is so much I have to start reading before time runs out. Biographies are on my list. And one book I so much wanted to read for a long time now but never really got the time is A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth.
Lots to read before the word and the world go all blurred for me…
P.S.  Does anyone know Chetan Bhagat personally?? If yes, then please help me…I really want to meet him!!

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