Thursday, August 04, 2011

Bored and disillusioned from…the news and newspapers!

There comes a time every few months when I really don't want to look at the newspaper. Same crap news churned out the same way, on almost every page. Last time I faced this was just before CWG 2010, for obvious reasons.

These days, nothing else is consuming the 20 odd pages of the paper than:

Anna's vs Govt's version of Lokpal Bill, Anna's threat of going ahead with the fast, Baba Ramdev and his antics, Digvijay Singh’s 2 minutes to fame by making comments like ‘Rahul Gandhi is capable to become India’s next PM’ almost every month, CWG ghosts and Kalmadi, Yeddyurappa’s love for Power, 2G scam featuring Karunanidhi clan, Karunanidhi blowing hot-blowing cold over his continuation in the government, Hina Rabbani’s upscale dressing sense, India handing out yet another set of documentary evidence of 26/11 to Pak, a rape bid in distant village of MP, Mayawati inaugurating one more statue of hers, some robberies in West Delhi, a case of honour killing in a remote village of Haryana, hiked prices of petrol and diesel followed by opposition forcing government to do a rollback, umpteenth time adjournment of Parliament because of inflation and corruption, a royal wedding, a stupid PIL submitted in a court to put stay order on some movie/lyrics of a song, critics making the heroes out of our cricket team one day and then ripping them apart the next day, some slow progress on long pending cases like Ayodhya, 1992 Bombay riots, 2002 Gujarat riots and not to forget, skeletons of 1984 bloodbath after Indira Gandhi’s assassination…so on and so forth…

I mean, I know I can’t start writing my own newspaper nor can I control what happens in the country. But what I would really like to read are the different perspectives on the same recycled news, how those affect me. I would like to see the lesser explored and exposed areas of India in ink and paper. 

But what really is the cherry on the cake story amongst the many frivolous stories in the newspapers is the result of a research, done at some European university, which reads as ‘Men do not think about anything other than sex’…!!! Whoa!! Touché!!  :D

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