Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life beyond the closed door

This 100 words post is my entry for the weekly prompt at Write Tribe, a blogging group.

Write Tribe Prompt

Back then when you left
Seemed all the doors closing on me
Seemed the end of everything that meant ‘us’
The dreams we wove together
The paths we chalked out together
The future that meant ours

But life can’t be chained from racing forth
Time moved at its own pace
New friendships forged
New alleys opened
New dreams embraced

Looking back at that closed door now
Perhaps it was the best thing to have happened
Perhaps the door that you closed on me
Was meant to be opened by life itself
For me to value the light after the dark

Photo courtesy - Fotolia


  1. Superb work done with the prompt....

    Moving on in life is the best gift you can give yourself! :D

  2. Wonderful, great to read.


  3. beautiful lines of gaining hope even at the verge of losing it
    keep up Naina

  4. Excellent. With a very positive attitude. Thanks for his lovely poem.

  5. Every door closed, means there's another waiting to be opened. Looking back and realizing that a closed door means the start of something better, shows a great deal of maturity. ♥