Monday, July 22, 2013

Just like a new haircut!

As the total posts reached nervous nineties
All the thoughts came flooding and all the anxieties
Of what I was and just how far I have come
Blog makeover beckoned to reflect exactly what I am, awesome!

Like the name suggests, I bring you stories
that happen to me, some randomness and some novelties
All, while the coffee brews
And in most of the stories, life is my only muse

That girl on the scooter and the stories she brings
The journeys she undertakes and the songs she sings
The people she meets and the challenges she faces
The dreams she weaves and the footprints she traces

The bubbles in the background
The bursts of colors abound
The vibrant pink and a lilting green
Define the space in every sheen

The colors are new but the flavor is the same
Some things have changed but the name
It definitely felt like getting a new haircut
And yes, I love the end result!

Why like a new haircut, you say?
'Coz you like it for days, some way
Then you need time to get used to it
And then, you can't do without it!

So, tell me did you like this new haircut???


  1. In love with it Naina. Ye to WOW hai ekdom... The haircut and the poem, both. <3

  2. Oh we love it! And its come out such a vibrant space now! The coffee brews well here :D :D


  3. The blog looks great, Naina...and the poem is so apt. Very nice...and the artwork does wonders to the mast. Great work :)

  4. really loved this Naina :) Bful words to describe ur blog and U

  5. Fabulous, Naina! Congratulations! You are absolutely awesome, you know?

  6. Fabulous, Naina! Congratulations! You are absolutely awesome, you know?

  7. Beautiful :) a wonderful header... super theme and the place now seems so much more vibrant :D

    both the thumbs up from me :D

  8. Wow! You just got yourselves a top to toe makeover! I'm loving all the things I'm seeing :) :) And what a fitting poem :)

  9. Lovely makeover and the poem fits!!
    beautiful :)

  10. It's a complete makeover! Loved it! And best description with the poem! :)

  11. Wow! Looks beautiful and chic! :)
    And a very apt poem too :)

  12. Loved both the poem and the new look! :) I wish I could write too, Can't wait to be back in action again.

  13. colours charisma content .... this one has it all!!! Loved it!!!