Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Mumbai Mélange - 4

Food, food and food.

Ladies and gentlemen, with this post I complete a century. Yay! 100th post. Took me a while to reach here. Long breaks, blogger's block, erractic work schedules, lack of ideas and mostly lethargy are majorly to be credited for bringing me here today. And when it is 100th it should be about something I love and live by. As part of this week-long festival, I am writing about my take-away from recent Mumbai trip. Seven things, seven days. Today, I choose one thing that is my biggest motivation in life. Food!

Though many say that food in Mumbai doesn't have that depth especially when you have been brought up on a generous diet of puri-chhole in breakfast! But, believe me, Mumbai is a food-lover's haven. And my experience comes only from street food, small eateries, cafes and casual dining restaurants. Five-stars simply do not fit my budget and Mumbai flavor is actually in its street food.

To start with, I fell in love with Dahi-puri. Given a chance, I could have it everyday! The combination of curd, bhel, papri, chutney is irresistible. Best had at a kiosk in Juhu Chowpatty and then at Swati Snacks, Tardeo.
Pao Bhaji at Shiv Sagar, Juhu

Dahi puri at Shiv Sagar, Juhu
Dahi puri & sugarcane juice at Swati Snacks

This time discovered a cute little cafe in Bandra named Candies. The place has been made by converting a bungalow and no nook and corner has been left unused. Be it lighting, artefacts at display, friendly staff and most importantly, food, this place is a rockstar. The grilled chicken roll, paneer tikka croissant, red velvet cupcake, sugar donuts, frappe and chocolate milkshake that we had were all A-class. If you live in Mumbai and have not been to Candies, I suggest you pay a visit. You won't regret. The most pretty to look at in their shelves were the angry birds cupcakes.

Yummy food at Candies

I am not a huge icecream fan but had been recommended Natural's by everyone. So, a visit was a must. The offernings list is not extensive considering the fruit-based are all available as per the season. So, I got to have watermelon but I gathered the most loved flavors are sitaphal (custard apple) and tender coconut. Watermelon was yummy too. And then, after watching so many travel shows, a visit to Bachelorr's at Charni Road was required. The burnt coffee, orange and sitaphal flavors were all unique and a must try. The location of this place is really awesome.


Natural's. I love the colors on this board.

Bachelorr's at Charni Road

Burnt coffee and Sitaphal, anyone?

There is a little cafe in South Mumbai called Cafe Mocambo that serves Parsi cuisine. It was my first bite of Dhansak and chicken salli and it did not disappoint. The best part was the owner of the cafe coming over to out table and helping us through the menu.

Parsi food in lunch


Then there was this small kiosk at Linking Road near National College that sells sandwiches. The picture shall tell you how amazing that grilled cheese and vegetable sandwich must have tasted.

Sandwich kiosk at National College

Wish I could take it out right now and gobble it up!

Also, you will find kiosks selling dosa, idli and vada on streets and its really good. There is a good south Indian joint called Cafe Madras but the day we went there, it was Monday and hence closed. So we settled for Mysore Cafe which was close by. Neer dosa and 2 filter coffees down, I didn't complain of Cafe Madras being shut. :)

Missed it this time. Next time, will check before I plan!

Filter kaapi

Do try the breakfast of typical Indore poha and jalebi. I had it at a small shop near Vashi station. Good stuff.

Poha and jalebi breaky is a must!

The paani-puri is also not what we get in Delhi but it has its own flavor and I quite liked it.                       

I have been to Bade Miyan post partying but missed out on Mahesh Lunch Home and Gajalee. Kayani bakery serves some good kheema pav and though I have been there before, missed out on it this time. Somethings for next time!

I already have so many places to eat out on my list next time I go to Mumbai. But till then, I can always look at these pictures and go back to the tasteful memories.

And, now thank you for reading this, staying with my writing and taking time out to give me feedback. Not in this one. In all the previous 99 ones. Matters a lot to me.
I hope I can churn out good, engaging work and I hope you continue loving me like this.

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I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st - 7th September 2013.


  1. Gosh that food made my mouth water...either the clicks were sharp or that food is really scrumptious :)

    Loved your write up, naina :)

  2. Naina.. next time you go to Naturals try their chocolate chips (i.e. if you love chocolate) it is out of the world... the most amazing chocolate chips icecream I have ever had in my life :D

    You had me drooooling there!

  3. I should bookmark this page if I ever visit Mumbai!
    Congrats for the 100th post!

  4. I love all those places in Mumbai andbthe yummy food, rasgulla, kheer a pav, Paanipuri n love street sandwich. I love naturals n there is no dearthnofbfoodnjoints n Mumbai.mi adore pav bhaaji. Been to shiv sagar in Pune. Have u tried baghdadi near bade Miya's in colaba? I love the naan n non veg, its awesome..

  5. Oh my god! You make me want to gobble up all that! I've had Naturals Ice Cream and they are just delicious! We had an outlet down the road from our apartment in Bangalore, and we made the most of it :)

    And congratulations on your 100th post!

  6. Lovely post. Made me completely hungry. Besides Candies, I have not been to any of the places mentioned. I am aiming at parsi food te next time I go to South Mumbai.

    And congratulations on completing 100 posts...good going!!

  7. Food in Mumbai is great...I am amazed you missed the famous vada pav and dabeli.

  8. Congratulations for the first century and looking forward to many more, Naina!
    It is early morning and stomach's growling and I am drooling over the food pics above. Love Mumbai's pao bhaji and Naturals is my favorite.

  9. I too love mumbai's food...pao bhaji at Amar juice centre, juhu, dabeli, National college Sandwiches, Naturals, bhel puri, sev puri, and many more.......
    will hv to plan a trip soon to hv all this tasty food..

  10. Congratulations on your 100th post. Dahi puri is my absolute favourite food. Oh yummy now you've made me hungry.

  11. Congrats on your 100th post.

    After reading someone's diet post I had just started thinking in terms of one - and since yesterday all of you have conspired to tempt me away. Well! I have been truly tempted away now :)

  12. Am I glad i read ur post on a full tummy ;) BTW try naturals tender coconut falvour ice cream... my fav

  13. 100 posts is quite an achievement, Naina! Congratulations.
    Your food journey in Mumbai is very interesting. Did you notice you didn't feature too many coffee joints? :P Candies and Natural are favourites of mine too.