Thursday, September 05, 2013

Mumbai Mélange - 5

City of dreams and so much more.


From a taxi driver to one of the biggest superstars of Hindi cinema. All came to this city with some dreams from far off towns and cities. And made Mumbai, their home.

If Delhi is dil walon ki then Mumbai is no less. It gives you space, freedom and wings.

It is often considered a harsh city, a city that can make or break you, a city where many sleep empty stomach on a pavement. However, it lets you breathe, it walks with you in your struggle and it is often a witness to the silent tears that you shed every night missing your family.
If you look around in a local train or at the cubicle next to yours, you will have someone not from Mumbai but coming to the city from some other part of the country. They come to the city for a better opportunity, better prospects and better life. Everyday struggles may seem to tire them but the dreams of a better future are always big and strong to keep them motivated.

You may never notice but many would be sitting alone by the sea, lost in their thoughts and may be just confiding in the sea. That sea shore must be a confidante to so many who come there every weekend to sit quietly and vent out their emotions to those waves and tides.

Late filmmaker Yash Chopra had this to say about Mumbai - "Mumbai's infectious. Once you start living in Mumbai, working in Mumbai, I don't think you can live anywhere else."

Do you agree?


  1. Have never lived in Mumbai :) Though I must say I have in quite a few other places in India. I make my home wherever I happen to stay. :)

  2. I second that. It's so true bout local trains and lost in thoughts sitting by the sea. Simply Mumbai, well written. It's a beauty and I find myself in this post. Miss Mumbai but will be back:)

  3. I never wanted to live in Mumbai just because it is infectious :)

  4. Born in Mumbai, grew up and lived there for many years. I live in NZ now but Mumbai is Mumbai and a part of my soul will always live there.

  5. Seems quite true. Almost makes me regret not being a Mumbaikar :)

  6. Its interesting how you can become emotionally attached to a city, where you have lived most of your life. I have never lived there, but people who do swear by it. I am a happy Banglorean, and if we could find someone who came to Delhi to succeed, we would find that its not the city, but the place where we find success that we get attached to. Everybody needs some love, even from cities.

  7. City of dreams...this is cool! The post I mean, so much of it is true.

  8. I can never get enough of the city. And I have lived here throughout my life!

    PS: I am not sure my comments on your blog are getting posted... Or do you have a moderation procedure?