Friday, September 06, 2013

Mumbai Mélange - 6

The two Bombays - Town & Suburbs

 Like any city that has different parts and different cultures, Mumbai too is bifurcated into South Mumbai (or better known as 'town') and Suburbs.

You take a walk around the two and you would know the difference.  Both of them have a distinct feel that can't be missed.

Unlike many cities which will have one part very posh and another, not so much, in Mumbai its not like one is any less than the other.

Take a walk in town, that is Colaba, Fort, Nariman Point, Marine Drive areas and there is this sight of old-world charm, architecture, pebbled walkways, classy food-joints and timeless style.

Move around suburbs, mainly Bandra, Juhu and you will see style, glamour, Bollywood actors, trendy nightspots and fashion on these streets.

Depending on your personality, you will instantly like and connect with one or the other.

I moved about both the Mumbais almost equally. Personally I loved both of them. The chirpy crazy girl in me loved Bandra and the loner thirty-somthing soul trapped in me loved the solitude of Marine Drive.

Many many years back, I wanted to marry an investment banker whose office would be at Nariman Point and who would have a sea-facing apartment in Worli (figments of imagination, ofcourse!) but now, having grwon older and, may be, wiser I would now find myself a job at Nariman Point and live in a nice apartment at Carter Road.  Pardon me for the travel that I am over-looking, but I would take that train from Bandra to Churchgate or CST, I think!

I think that works too!

Marine Drive

Carter Road


Hermes store seen in South Mumbai

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  1. Naina! I love both Bombays. I think we are similar in some ways or another about the city. Way back in 2006 when I first shifted to the city, I and a good friend were sitting at Marine Drive and dreaming to dine regularly at ITC opposite Marine. We were like it's a matter of few years, we will buy a plush appartment, mine would be either Marine Drive or Bandra and drive to the studio for shooting. Nothing happened and I left the city..speak about dreams shattered.but this post is reminder for me to come back::) Amazing pics::) I can connect so much with marine drive, Hermes and bandstand where I was a regular::)
    Superb post

  2. Got to love the way we imagine a different life for ourselves based on our travels!

  3. This Bombay loves story is so captivating that it makes me regret not being a Mumbaikar - even if it is only to be Washi or Airoli and not either of the Bombays you talk of :)

  4. I love your thoughts on Mumbai. The pictures remind me of my only visit two years back.