Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Regret wasn't her thing

With all the eccentricities
and all the madness galore
What she made of her life
was nothing short of an adventure ride

The world never saw
beyond what was obvious
The cracks and dead-ends notwithstanding
To her, it was life well lived

Written for National Poetry Writing Month. 30 poems in 30 days. Today’s prompt is Reb Livingston’s Bibliomancy Oracle. 

The prompt I got was:

I suspect you enjoy your crank letters to advice columnists. Still, you’re not doing anything wrong, so please don’t give it up yet. Regret is the cancer of life. 
from “Looking For a Few Miles of Adventure with Dear Abby” by T.A. Noonan


  1. Was that really the quote you were given or did you make it up? Just kidding. The oracle has a sense of humour. Nice poem Naina...we often don't see beyond the obvious.

    1. I know! I was so dead tired and didn't know how I would attempt what I get. And then voila! Like universe was reading me :)

  2. Oh my you got a tough one! And your poem sounds just like me life :)

  3. ahh i could have just gone LOL over my condition had I laded up with this quote, but you have woven a lovely piece :)
    the world only sees the calm surface but not what has been done or continued to be done for the calmness to remain.

  4. We just see what we want to see, I guess. What is not immediately noticed, often goes unnoticed. :) Nicely written.

  5. Naina, the oracle did read you. The poem describes you well. :)

  6. Wow...beautiful.....I can see this very often we just see and judge the exterior and forget there is a lot more to a person beyond that :)

  7. This is so you. The 'to her, it was life well-lived'. Happy to know you, Naina!

  8. This is so true... world only sees what is presented to them, what is in front but what is inside often goes unnoticed. Nicely expressed :)

  9. Naina, your lines I feel apply to everyone. Do we really see the entire picture? Hardly ever. Nicely penned.