Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Tree of life

Picture courtesy - BlogwatiG

Nature meets urban
Not every day art meets life
Shade in the concrete

Written for National Poetry Writing Month. 30 poems in 30 days. Today’s prompt is Ekphrastic Poem

This tree is a beautiful piece of art at a fellow blogger and a dear friend, BlogwatiG's place. I remember being super excited to get clicked with this when I had visited her place last year. What better way to explain it than put it in words?! Must tell you, this tree is a star of sorts. Has already made it to headlines and radio-waves many times now :)


  1. Wow Haikus are tempting me everywhere. I agree no better way to explain than put it in words :)

  2. Lovely tribute.. I am sure BlogwatiG will be beaming when she sees this.

    One question though, isn't there always shade within concrete?

  3. Wah, wah, wah....I need to start charging Royalty now. Thodi tareef meri bhi kar leti :P But I am gald the tree of life inspired you to pen this. Good going, Naina

  4. Good one. And I loved that tree too.

  5. Lovely verses aptly going with the 'tree of life' Lovely!

  6. Waah Naina. Indeed, a good haiku, from the limited knowledge of haiku I have.

  7. Aah the Tree Of Life..beautiful!

  8. ah nice to see you smiling under the tree of life :)