Sunday, June 08, 2014

A smile can bring you me.

Some days back I had updated my profile picture on Facebook, it being a picture where I had my mouth ‘not open’. No smile, nothing. And then many said they like me when I smile. Ok. Today I updated the profile picture again and this time, the smiling me. People liked it sure.

A friend messaged me this - ’Lovely familiar smile again. Never put any pic without this trait of your personality. I would refuse to recognize you. your eyes open up and as a window to your soul when you smile..have seen this happening in very few people. Cuz most people smile in a plastic way.’

Trust me I do get compliments for my smile but until sometime back, I used to feel a little uneasy to accept and internalize them. Because I believed I didn’t have the beautiful smile. With a little weird bunny rabbit kinda teeth, I felt awkward while smiling. And I still cannot place it on how it changed and how my coy, uncomfortable, showing only 2 teeth perhaps smile changed to a wider, ear to ear, straight from the eyes & heart kind of smile.

Was it that what the world thinks of me mattered less and less? I guess so. Was it that the eyes and heart took over the bunny teeth somewhere? Yes. Was it that I got confident of myself over the years? Hell, yeah!

Okay, now that you know I smile and I smile a lot, there are some not-so-known facts behind that smile of mine, when I am posing for pictures:

·        My mom, if she is around when I am posing, always without fail asks me to shut my mouth and smile just a little

·        Some people, not the ones who matter and may be because they are jealous that I look good when I smile, always frown at me posing if they happen to be around

·        Every single time I update a smiling picture, I get messages, from the ones who matter like the one written above, that they love when I smile. No, no. I am not a celebrity yet! ;)

·        I know when I am smiling, it shows in my eyes. How? I don’t know but I just know it

·        I can never ever fake a smile that wide. Really I can’t!

·        I smile at my own smiling pictures every time I look at them

·        For me, there is no mid-way smile. Either I just shut my mouth, which looks like I have a bad mood or something or I smile the widest. Just doesn’t come to me!

·        I feel it indeed is becoming my trademark 

·        It makes me confident every single time

·        This smile just reminds me I am beautiful and have a good heart

And if you are still wondering, how does that go, that wider smile? Here..

To close my case, just to validate my point, found this on the web:

‘Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.’ 

Are you also smiling right now? Let me know!


  1. ROFL! This is fishing, and I'll oblige. Your smile is not the best trait in your personality, your smile is honest and true. It shows. And those inner traits are a winner

  2. I will be predictable and assert that I love your smile.I have met you once ,took an instant liking to you and the reason is that you spread happiness around with your presence.I do not know about others but you brought a smile to my face that day and THAT according to me is you.

  3. Good to hear that your smile is too good. Keep smiling as always, as your smile might encourage others to smile :)

  4. Ritu has said it. Yours is natural and honest. And that is why it is beautiful.
    I find Aishwarya's smile plastic.

  5. Oh I like your smile a lot! Keep it going! :D

  6. Indeed you are beautiful. And yes, do keep smiling.

  7. I mean, I don't know you personally, Naina but what I gather from ur FB and profile pics that you are a very genuine person. You have such an infectious and beautiful smile. Just be the way you are, no matter what and let the coffee brew:)

  8. Well, even I have bunny rabbit teeth and I can relate so much with your blog. Till I was in teens I used to shy to smile. I never posed a picture with confidence. But later, with special people in life, I got confidence. Yes, of course! Post many compliments on my smile. Today I not smile, but laugh out my heart, my thoughts. My smile makesme feel more beautiful about myself.

    Never let the smile die out. Cheers!!!