Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It must have been something...

Must have been some day,
Some spring evening possibly.
With the falling leaves outside,
The heart fluttered albeit consciously.

Your almond brown eyes spoke
Yet you never said anything.
Your warm and familiar smile,
Was both unsettling and comforting.

Every coffee we never shared,
And many jokes we cracked.
Every dance we never attempted.
And walking steps we tracked.

We mayn’t have a chance.
We may have moved apart.
There’s something you must know.
You quite had my heart.


  1. Beautiful written !

  2. Ooh. Heartbreak. You quite had my heart.....

  3. Maybe it was the unsaid words whenever you shared a coffee that left a mark on your heart :) But good thing is, and your poem says it too, that even moving apart doesn't mean a goodbye. Nice poem, Maddie.

  4. Beautiful ,,,,very well written .

  5. Beautiful. The last para is just too good!