Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ten day you Challenge - Post 10. One picture of me.

I am having such mixed feelings this moment as I write my final post in the challenge. I am happy that I managed to write new post every single day non-stop for 10 days. There is a little, very little, sadness on the series coming to an end. I had gotten so used to writing it.
But I want to end the series with lot of happy feelings. And the last post happens to be one picture of myself.
Since this post does not suggest putting a ‘recent picture of yourself’ so I decided to dig into my images database and take out a picture that has lot of memories attached to it. 

This picture was taken on my Mumbai trip same time two years ago. The place happens to be Marine Drive. I remember I had sprained my foot and had it in crepe bandage. But I and my sister decided to venture out anyways. So after darshan at Sidhhivinayak Temple, we headed for Marine Drive. We got down from the bus near Marine Lines station and thought we will manage the walk till the very end of the road near Hilton. On our way, we spotted a Jumbo Vadapav shop and got two vadapavs and a glass each of Kachi Kairi (raw mango) and Kala Khatta soda packed. I know so very Delhiite but we were starving and there was no Mc Donald’s in sight! Beside, brand colours and packaging of this vadapav brand were exactly like Mc D.
So holding that vadapav packet in one hand and soda glasses in the other ,we managed to walk for about forty five minutes when we finally reached the extreme point at Marine Drive, all with my limping foot. The food tasted yumm…it was almost sunset and the weather was awesome, it being monsoon time. Picture perfect moment.
I sure have lot of better pictures of mine but not all good pictures may have memories…they may just be a click afterall…

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