Friday, April 26, 2013

What a girl wants!

From Society
  • Treat her as equal.  Equal to the other half of the population, the man

From Family
  • She wants you to not differentiate between her and her brother
  • She wants to look after you, provide for you when you grow old, take you out on a trip and buy you a new car. Just as much as her brother wants to do all this for you
  • She wants you not to bother so much for her marriage and definitely not the dowry. Because first, it is not right. And second, you made her independent and confident. That is more than she could ever ask from you
  • She wants you to be there with her in her choices. She knows you may not agree to many of them, but she has confidence in herself. She wants you to have faith in her
  • She wants you to ask her for anything that you may need for she is perfectly capable to take care of you

From Life-partner/Lover
  • She wants you to respect her and her family and where she comes from. She is proud of her roots and she wants you to know her better
  • She wants you to support her and be her strength when she is not feeling up for the challenges of life. She is emotionally stronger than you but there may be times when she wants you to be her anchor
  • She wants you to remember that she is equally responsible for the investments and future planning
  • She wants you to really understand her when she says she wants to make babies with you or she wants to take time to decide if she is really up for the responsibilities
  • She wants you to sometimes offer to help her in the kitchen and other household chores. She most definitely wants you to know how to cook!
  • She wants you to read books with her, listen to music on a lazy Sunday afternoon, take her out for a brunch on a Saturday, surprise her sometimes with something she really likes
  • She secretly wants you to remember the birthdays, anniversaries. Atleast yours and people close to you. Even though she knows you may let her down in this one
  • She wants you to know that she may really have a ‘headache’ some days
  • She wants you to know that she likes to take charge in bed and would like to do lot of things with you, even though the whole act of making love may have just become a chore after a long day at work and even though it is mostly you dominating every move
  • She wants to grow old and walk in the sunset with you

From Miscellaneous
  • Neighbours – She wants you to really mind your own business and look into your own houses and sort your problems than focus on what time she comes back from work or who drops her home late night
  • Roadside Romeos – She wants to sometime slap you really hard and kick you right in your balls for every pervert glance you throw at her and undress her with your glares every minute, be it walking down the road or in the bus or in the mall or where ever you are (which is everywhere!)


  1. Very valid wants...May they all come true for you soon! :)

  2. Great post, hope they all come true,


  3. Well said! And congratulations on your 50th post, Naina!

  4. I think you should make flyers of this and pass it around - educate some more men!
    Congratulations on No.50 and wishing you many, many more!