Saturday, May 18, 2013

May Photo A Day : Day 18 : Want

Day 18 prompt for "May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life" is 'Want'.

Well it is about wants today and I just don't have one. No one has just one, I am sure.
There is a long list of wants and I wrote a post on those 2 years back. If you have got time, you may read them all here

The fact that some of the wants have been there on the list for a while now makes me sad. I know I have to get up and get going but somewhere in everyday non-sense, such wants and dreams look just like that. A dream. And then there are days when only such dreams give me some peace in an otherwise crowded space. 

But now, 2 years and some growing old and wiser later, one thing I really want over and above that list now is to ‘stay awesome, take risks, dream big and let the world go get a hike’. Just like in this picture.

Dreams are all I have. And I want to hold on to them.


  1. That's the spirit! The pic truly represents that!
    May all your dreams come true :)

  2. Duniya gai tel le ne in Hindi ;)
    Liked the pic . Stay awesome and implement it always
    Good luck !

  3. Great photo.


  4. Your photo reminds me of a cousin of my hubby!!!

    And yes it truly represents your words :)

  5. Carpe diem! Go for it....:-)

  6. Lovely pic, Naina... and always keep that spirit...

  7. Good luck! Naina....May all your wishes come true!

  8. The pic says it all! Good one. :)