Friday, July 26, 2013

Beating time - Haiku

Running against time

Everyday hustle bustle

Good coffee a must

This Haiku has been written as part of the Haiku Heights prompt #266 - Time
Image Courtesy - Google Images

Monday, July 22, 2013

Just like a new haircut!

As the total posts reached nervous nineties
All the thoughts came flooding and all the anxieties
Of what I was and just how far I have come
Blog makeover beckoned to reflect exactly what I am, awesome!

Like the name suggests, I bring you stories
that happen to me, some randomness and some novelties
All, while the coffee brews
And in most of the stories, life is my only muse

That girl on the scooter and the stories she brings
The journeys she undertakes and the songs she sings
The people she meets and the challenges she faces
The dreams she weaves and the footprints she traces

The bubbles in the background
The bursts of colors abound
The vibrant pink and a lilting green
Define the space in every sheen

The colors are new but the flavor is the same
Some things have changed but the name
It definitely felt like getting a new haircut
And yes, I love the end result!

Why like a new haircut, you say?
'Coz you like it for days, some way
Then you need time to get used to it
And then, you can't do without it!

So, tell me did you like this new haircut???

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A 'Rainy' haiku

Hopeful eyes look up
Dark cottony clouds hover
Mid day sky marvel

Smell of wet earth soothes
Raindrops looking like crystal
Parched feet long to dance

Monday, July 08, 2013

Desert sand - Haiku

This Haiku has been written as part of the Haiku Heights prompt #262 - Sand

Image courtesy - Google Images


Golden desert sand
Soft and warm under my feet
Journey continues

Nip in the night air
Strange coolness in the same sand
I feel one with you

Friday, July 05, 2013

Around the world in less than 4 minutes!

This post has been written as part of the contest That Tuesday Thingy run on a bloggers group that I am a part of,  Taking this video as the prompt, we have to write a post if this song talked to us. You too can participate in this only if this piece talked to you! The song is from the album Time Traveller by Rahul Sharma.

It did to me. And here’s what we talked.
Deodar and chinar trees all around
Snow-capped mountains in Gulmarg
Apples and strawberries hanging on branches
House-boats making the Dal Lake come alive


Bright pink and orange Leheriya in Jaipur
Romancing with myself under the stars at Lake Palace in Udaipur
Camel safari on a full moon night in the sand dunes
Palaces, royalty and dal baati choorma of Rajasthan


 Breathtaking Taj Mahal at sunrise
Magical aarti on the banks of Ganga
Ghaats and temples of Varanasi
Krishna leela in Vrindavan and Mathura


 Sun setting at Bandra bandstand
Night wearing Queen’s necklace at Marine Drive
Mid-night hogging at Bade Miyan
Sitting near the sea and watching the world go by


Sun, sand, lazying around at the beach
Looking at the sea and soaking in what everyone calls, Goa
Dancing away at Garba nights in Ahmedabad
Feasting on Oondhiyo, Paatra, Aam Panna and Kutch embroidery


Tea plantations and waterfalls of Munnar
Savouring Poriyal, Appam and Stew in backwaters of Kerala
In Chennai,sipping the degree coffee and
draping myself in a bright Kanjeevaram saree


French Indian amalgam and peaceful Auroville in Puducherry
The trams and Durga Pujo pandals of Kolkata
And enjoying the old-world charm sipping coffee in Flury’s
Visiting the tea plantations of Darjeeling riding on a toy train


Walking and exploring NYC with a travel cappuccino in my hands
Times Square, Manhattan, cafes, hot dogs and Magnolia cup cakes
Traveling in the London tube and visiting mini India, Southhall
Watching Wimbledon live, gorging on the strawberries and cream


Lit up Eiffel Tower in the evening light show
With eyes drowned in the beauty of the city, enjoying the Gondola ride in Venice
Coffee on the cobbled streets of Rome and Margherita pizza in Naples
Doing my Bollywood bit in a chiffon saree in Swiss Alps

City girl in me jumping with joy in Singapore
Nature at its best at Northern Lights of Aurora
Treating myself to Baklava and Meze in Istanbul
Succumbing to sin in the Sin City, Las Vegas. Atleast once!


I promise to take myself to all these places, to treat my heart and soul to the wonders of the world, to let my eyes soak in the magic this world has to offer. I promise myself. One step at a time, one place at a time.

I watched the video a few times. With eyes wide open earlier and then eyes closed and taking in the music later. From very first second the places shown in this triggered my fantasies and my dream of travelling and seeing the world. I just made the list of places on my wishlist and why they are on that list.

After writing this, I am more determined. I won’t devoid myself of the colors, people and experiences this world has to offer!           

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine


Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The familiar and the unknown

The familiar roads leading to the familiar place
Will now pave way to the never-been-on routes leading to an unknown place.

The familiar walls and corridors and staircases
Will now be a steel elevator taking me to the ‘yet’ unknown.

Those jokes, that laughter, those people I called friends
From co-workers to being friends, will have to start again.

The comfort of leaving behind the familiar
Competing with the anxiety of facing the unknown.

But who am I kidding?
Wasn’t the familiar, once unknown too?

Challenging and exploring and making friends with the unknown
Is on my to-do list now.