Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011, captured!

So, my last post of the year 2011. An year that was kind of like a sour punk candy, green apple flavor. :-) Sweet, little tangy, chewy and rubbery. Flavor-wise I liked but texture-wise, may be it lasted a bit longer. Should have ended sometime earlier than usual. All said and done, it tasted nice and left a decent after-taste in my mouth!!

2011 gave me lots but like the balance that life creates, there were some not-so-great moments too. The ones that stand out would be:

·        I finally started writing through this blog!! My biggest high of the year without doubt. The feeling that this space is mine gives me so much liberty to be myself and write what I want. I love being in these web walls. Feels safe and secure here!

·        Not many but some religious readers that I have got through this space. People who have been reading it since beginning and have shared their feedback with me. Extremely grateful to all those who take time out and read my posts. 

·        After thinking and cribbing about it for so long, this year I managed to learn Salsa. Learning the dance form was liberating and relaxing. 

·        The place was on my list for some years and in 2011 I did get to visit Jaipur, though just for a day. Beautiful vibrant city and I shopped so much! :P

·        Got back to my best friend of over 15 years!! We fell apart 2 years ago and this October when I first called her up, we talked like we had never parted. That’s the beauty of a friendship like this. It gives you the comfort cushion and you feel right back at home!! I love her and now yes, I am a maasi too as she became a mommy 2 weeks back! :-)

·        Trip to Taj Mahal..again!! It is always one of those places that I look forward to visiting!

·        Mumbai trip!! If you have been reading this space, you know I love Mumbai. 

·        Completed an year in advertising! Fun, madness, excitement, frustration…all of it rolled into one…some hell of a ride it has been!

·        Made some awesome friends. And yes, as I write this, there is some pain of losing out on two friends who decided to move on. 

·         May be, just may be, I am more at peace with myself now than I was last year.

This collage is a collection of my best moments of 2011 and some emotions are best captured through the lens. May the smiles, the hopes, the soul and the life in these pictures live on and grow some-folds in 2012!! 

A very happy, healthy and bright 2012 to you all!!

The idea of a New Year’s Eve

There is something about the New Year’s Eve. The charm, the aura, the excitement, the anticipation, the nostalgia…but there is something. That buzz, that festive fragrance in the air, that December chill…but there sure is something.

I don’t know what is it about the evening but it definitely is the most talked about in the last week of December. Everyone asks your New Year eve’s plans and you too ask whoever you know about where they are headed. There are parties happening all around the city and newspapers are splashed with the best offers and packages from the restaurants and hotels for the 31st.

So many of my friends and colleagues have packed their bags and have headed to places outside the city to ring in the new year. One is en route to snowy Shimla, couple of them already in exotic Jaisalmer and one in the big bad city, Mumbai. Those in Delhi are headed to some parties in farmhouses and swish nightclubs. 

I wonder if given a chance, would I like to spend it any different than the way I presently ?? For me, usually the last few days of the year are spent in some introspection in retrospection (though I do it all the year around as it is!). I, more often than not, end up looking at the months gone by, how they went, what could have been better, some memories here and there. But my new year’s eve is more than decided all the time. It has been same all these years. Come back home by dinner time, dig into the yummy dinner made by mom followed by gajar ka halwa (making its presence felt over the years and now an important part of the evening’s menu!!), watch Victoria’s Secret fashion show late night and retire for the night. No complaints, whatsoever!

Personally, new year’s eve to me is expecting some niceties from the coming year, hoping it is better than the one going, hoping I achieve a few of the goals I have set for myself (if at all I manage to set some), feeling a little low for things that went bad in the year, about people who left and some such things. 

All that partying, celebrations, dining and wining are the ways to bring in the new. Even though symbolic it may sound, but in the end, we do need a break from the hectic, brain-wrecking 365 days that are just about to end and a wish to have a fresh start to a brand new year. May be it’s just another reason to party, but when did it harm anyone?? Definitely, to each his own. 

So, I am sure all of you have good plans for tomorrow evening. Whatever you are doing, wherever you are headed, wherever you have set your bon-fire – home or hills, just live it up. And take a minute out for those who are not so privileged. If it is your old woolen or a blanket or the excess food that you ordered in or barbecued, take a step further and help the needy on such a day. You will feel satisfied, happy and blessed. :-)

Read this quote somewhere. Loved it. So apt!!

‘For eleven months and maybe about twenty days each year, we concentrate upon the shortcomings of others, but for a few days at the turn of New Year we look at our own. It is a good habit.’

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jab we Met!!!

All those who know me well, know that I am very scared of dogs. Dogs of all shapes and breeds. Whenever I visit friends’s or relatives place where there is a pet, I, sometimes politely and sometimes not-so-politely, ask them to keep the dog in another room. Atleast from where I don’t get to see him. 

My friends who have pets or are animal lovers used to tell me that my fear was unreasonable as dogs are harmless and very lovable. I am sorry, I understand all that but I just could not bring myself to facing this fear. Not until last week.

I happened to visit a very good friend, Mann (which is her surname & not name, and that’s how she is known as) at her place in Bhiwadi. She is an animal lover, has always had dogs as pets for company at her home since childhood and would not shy away in chucking a ‘conventional’ lifestyle to work for an animal welfare organization. She had told me about a certain ‘Mizo’ at her home and I had heard many stories about how he came to the Mann household. I was told that Mizo is unlike the ‘dogs’ type. He is cute, gentle, quiet, a peace-loving lad, most of the teeth are broken (just in case, you know!) and does not bark at anyone. Impressive but I would definitely let it pass. Honestly, I wanted a good time with my friend, chit-chat with her all night, do some bitching and the usual jazz. And just that! Ofcourse, I had asked her to keep the furry chap in another room. 

But clearly destiny had other plans! Needless to add, I was shit scared when I entered the house and found him at the door. He did not bark!!! I was obviously more petrified than he was!! I tried to keep myself distracted with arranging my bag or talking to Mann but my eyes were following him. And there he was, sitting quietly, looking at me with those beautiful and kind eyes. I am telling you, it were those eyes that took my heart away. My fear was vanishing and vanishing quick. In just 15 minutes of being introduced to him, I was sitting on the sofa, trying to strike a conversation with Mizo and wanting his attention! He did not disappoint me either. And soon, I dog-walked Mizo, made him wear his coat, fed him biscuits, made him sit on my lap! I even texted my sister saying ‘I love the doggie’, when she asked me how was it going there.

I had warmed up to his presence but still there was a little tiny-winy hesitation. He shocked me when he entered the room at midnight when we girls were chit-chatting. He not only climbed the bed but also made himself cozy and pretended dozing off there! All I was worried about was what if he rolls onto my side in the dark! Mann then had to put him down at the rug. 

My fear for dogs as such may not have gone completely but Mizo made me fall in love with him. I kept looking for and asking for him, when he would go away in other room. I would call out his name and he would listen. He was so much like a kid who was throwing tantrums seeing a guest at home! 

This picture is a memory of the new friendship that I built, with Mizo. A week ago, I would never have pictured myself like that, not even in my wildest dreams. It is such an achievement for me. And Mizo…I love you!!  :-*

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pack your bags and leave!

I am not hinting at any upcoming vacation plan of mine nor am I pushing my brain to make a plan for one.

Weekend usually gives a lot of time to think over matters which you have been pushing under the carpet over the past week or may some more time than that. And I am not talking about the chores to be done. I mean matters that are intangible in presence but very tangible in effect. Matters of heart, so to say. And when there is some time at hand, mind does wander off. To far off places. To prohibited areas. To long forgotten landscapes. 

On this unusually lazy weekend I decided to chuck all the plans and just stay put at home. I stuck to the plan (which was a actually a no-plan!) to the T. I watched TV, some movies, some sitcoms and read a book. Also lied on the sofa just listening to the music. And that’s when my mind also wandered (like it never does otherwise!! Huh!). A trip down memory lane happened and you never come out of it chirpy, do you? 

I realized there is so much clutter or baggage that we carry, some of it even unintentionally. We know we have to get rid of the aching memories or avoid falling in the same pit, but it takes time and may be somewhere we don’t want to do it. And honestly, if we take it all seriously, it is lethal. So why bear it in the first place or for so long?

Delving into my share of ‘avoidables’, I resolved its time. It’s time to let it all leave my system for good. So why not tell that agonizing pain or that scar from a healed wound…Pack your bags and leave!!!

Yes, it is only that easy and that much difficult. We can either let it simmer inside us every single moment or let it out of our system once and for all. 

And these are what I am talking about:

  • That love story gone awry
  • That friend who turned his back when you needed him the most
  • The decision that took you to a wrong direction in your career
  • The unfulfilled romance
  • The hurt you have been nursing long after that person has gone
  • The promise that was never kept
  • The expectation that never got met
  • The tears that have now dried up but potent enough to give you a sleepless night
  • The relations that were once close and now are a sorry distant sight
  • Those people in your everyday life who do not deserve any bandwidth from you but end up getting the maximum attention
This sounds very simple but I am sure this is how you get rid of something that refuses to leave on its own. You have to show it the right door to leave and close that door behind it, forever.

So whenever you find yourself fighting with one such monster in your head, look in its eye confidently and tell him, yes you know that by now, ‘pack your bags and leave!  :-)

Oh well, as I was busy saying goodbyes to some such monsters, I realized it was time to bring some nice positive and tangible change. Hence the new look of this blog. Tell me what you think of it. 

Much love!

Monday, November 07, 2011

Love Stories

In a lot of ways I am looking forward to November. So many of my friends are walking down the aisle. And most of them are getting into a ‘love-marriage’. I have known many of them for a long time and it felt nice when I heard the news of their engagement. More so after getting to know who was actually seeing who!!

There is something really alluring about love-marriages. I have been a witness to some fabulous love stories. And now some more happening. And when I say love stories, I literally mean love stories. People, who are completely opposite to each other, make an appearance in each other’s life at a random place at a random time (or may be right place and right time??), falling in love and taking the big step of matrimony. 

I have a cousin who met her life partner while studying for MBA in a b-school in Mumbai. Incidentally, both of them belonged to the same city in UP and had attended the same classes for CAT preparation. But they were oblivious to each other’s existence on the planet. However, destined to meet and spend their life together, they met in college, spent those 2 years knowing each other and being great friends. Only in the fag end of the course did they realize the feelings for each other and confessed their love. It wasn’t a particularly an easy ride for them. They had to literally fight the world for their love and they came out with flying colours. Now, they are considered one of the happiest and made-for-each-other couples in our family. And I never fail to tell my cousin how lucky they both are to have found each other.  Both of them have quite different tastes. One such clear point of distinction being my sister is a total foodie, not surprising coming from Punjabi roots, and my jiju is an ascetic when it comes to food. But when you meet them, you will instantly know they were always meant to be together! :)

My best friend met her life partner in January and by July they had decided to spend rest of their lives together. Today, after about three years, she is one beautiful mommy-to-be and I can’t wait to play with her kid.  She and I go back to school days and have had our share of fights, disagreements and rough patches in these roughly one and a half decades long friendship. But like best friends are, we have come back to each other very effortlessly. I have seen her love story starting from ground zero and I can’t say in words how pleased I am now. 

Another awesome friend of mine fell in love with this awesome guy who she had known as a friend for some years. Only when they bumped into each other at the same workplace, sparks flew. And how! They got hitched and got married in next six months. I was particularly surprised when she told me she is in love because she always wanted an arranged marriage and believed she will never fall in love. Well, destiny!

One of my closest friends met a girl when they both were in class 7. And something special happened. A courtship started that lasted well over a decade! Everything fell into place, families agreed and they took the holy vows. Now, after some years into marriage, they are well-settled in Australia, happy and very much in love.

And then, there is this ex-colleague and a good friend of mine who I thought to be a flirt and someone who would never take things like love or marriage seriously. He actually fell in love with the girl who is stark opposite to him. Nobody even had a clue that these guys were even seeing each other. So, when the news broke out, there were lots of shocks and gasps. ;)

Let me add that the right end to a love story need not be marriage. Though conventionally, it is considered the best ending. For some, the endings are not that rosy. There are not really any ‘happily ever afters’ for some. I know many such people too. But they have not let that stop them from falling in love and finding their perfect love story all over again. And someone has rightly said, ‘True love stories never have endings.’  

And I am not sure if I am looking at making my own perfect love story, but yes, I will continue to be a witness to many stories to come and write about them.  :)

Let that love happen to you, if you have been avoiding it all along. It is got to be one heady ride, or so say my ‘in love’ friends!!

I would like to end this lovey dovey post with my favourite scene from When Harry met Sally. Take a look.  Fall in love. <3

Saturday, September 03, 2011

And the life goes on…

I have seen many important and very dear relationships fall apart over the last few years. And each time, I realized that while the other person has clearly moved on, I was left tending to my wounds.

Hurt is a universal feeling and how you deal with it is totally subjective. Remember, it is always easy to tell someone to ‘move on’. It takes just more than that, more than just some comforting words. There are those who go into a shell, there are those who want to take it all out and look for a comforting shoulder to fall back on and then there are those who try to shove it all in, to the deepest so as not to confront this grief ever again, and become normal very next day. We all know that we have to move out of it and move on with life some day. But we take our own time to first, come to terms with the grief, letting it sink in and then deciding to overcome it.

I have seen many people dealing with such things differently. I have read many ‘self-help’ and ‘how to deal with…’ sort of articles. What works for one may or may not work for the other. It is very simple, the intensity of hurt is not the same for two people.

Also, though I am not an expert on the topic but I would like to share some of the ways I have learnt to deal with such feelings. In no way I am saying that what I have been through is in comparison to somebody else’s pain and hurt. No. There are no and cannot be any comparisons. I am aware people go through a great deal of suffering. The point I am trying to make here is we all have different ways to deal with that hurt. Hurt, that can be due to someone passing away, a breakup, messed-up career or financial troubles. But above all that, we do want to come out of that miserable condition. We cannot be in that state forever. We need to move on. Rightly said then, change is the only constant in life.

I am also learning and I also realize that my own mechanism to deal with such situations is getting a lot better as I grow old. Yes, here I can safely say that age may not just be a number after all!

• Remember, nobody is indispensable. Yes. Barring your parents, siblings, life partner and close friends, there is nobody you need to mourn over, if that person did not think about you before moving on. Today, I regret not the loss of a few friends long gone, but the demise of my uncle two and a half years back. How we keep taking our family and lot of things around it for granted and then one fine day, we feel that guilt of not giving them enough time and attention. Yes, I miss my uncle and I realize, that is the ultimate loss. He is not going to come back.

So, it is important to think about those who think about us and value us in their lives. Because only they are the ones you will never be able to replace. Stop sulking over that boyfriend who left or the job that sucks. Leave it and move on. Love your loved ones. Life will take care of rest!

• Do what you want to do. Don’t let people decide how you should come out of the grief. Cry till your tears are all gone, crib till your words give on you or be quiet and go into yourself till you find yourself. Do what you feel like. It will take time but the ‘moving on’ will be organic, so to say. And not artificial.

• I am not going to advise you to ‘develop a hobby’. Clichéd. But find something which just gives a vent to your feelings at that moment. There is always that one thing that soothes, calms you. Dance, paint, write, cook, do yoga, teaching…basically anything or may be that one thing that you always wanted to do. Time to start doing it is now!

• Love yourself. Respect yourself. Start looking for happiness in small things and you will find it.

• Always be humble and grateful about the love and care that you are getting from people. That matters. In this mean world, people do not have time even for themselves. So, if someone is taking time out to reach out to you, be generous.

• Finally, it is all ok. Trust the Highest power, if you don’t believe in God. He never gives us the challenge which He thinks we can’t fulfill. Believe there is something better and brighter at the end of this tunnel. Besides life never stops for anyone. It moves on. So it is only wise to pick up the broken pieces, trust that you will sail through this storm and move on with ever-flowing life.

I do not want this post as another ‘how to…’ thing. These are just plain simple fundas which we usually overlook when we are sad. Trust me when I say that all of them work. I say all that because I have been there.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Until we meet again…

I would never understand what is ‘good’ about goodbyes. Never. Yes, people say we need to bid goodbye to someone before you meet again. I have read that a goodbye is required to say a new hello. But why do we need to say goodbye in the first place when it hurts so much?

May be I am a little emotionally challenged, as I really feel the pain when people close to me leave. Or for that matter, when I lose something. I remember I cried like mad when I lost my phone in an auto. God knows how many times I cursed that auto-wallah! Ouch…that still kind of hurts.

And when it comes to my friends/colleagues, I cannot take it easy. I have worked at many places, have met so many people and have made many good friends along the way. But never ever was this goodbye business so tough and frequent like it appears now.

I cried buckets when a few friends/colleagues quit. But then life did not stop. Its just that little part of my time that I used to spend with them, that reminded me of the void. I continue working on my desk and when I turn around, ya I miss those familiar faces and comforting voices.

I still do get sad when I hear about someone leaving the workplace, may be I do cry when they share the news with me but now I see the picture beyond. I know if we are good, this is not going to be the end. This is just a turn on the road that we are taking and we will be meeting at the next crossing soon. And I even realise that I am getting stronger with every such incident. Yes, I still cry but now I am better prepared to deal with it. Almost every time.

Archiiee and Shay…I miss you guys a lot and Bose, well, am not gonna cry when you leave as that would just dissolve what all I learnt from you…

And to end,

Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I'll miss you
Until we meet again!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Bored and disillusioned from…the news and newspapers!

There comes a time every few months when I really don't want to look at the newspaper. Same crap news churned out the same way, on almost every page. Last time I faced this was just before CWG 2010, for obvious reasons.

These days, nothing else is consuming the 20 odd pages of the paper than:

Anna's vs Govt's version of Lokpal Bill, Anna's threat of going ahead with the fast, Baba Ramdev and his antics, Digvijay Singh’s 2 minutes to fame by making comments like ‘Rahul Gandhi is capable to become India’s next PM’ almost every month, CWG ghosts and Kalmadi, Yeddyurappa’s love for Power, 2G scam featuring Karunanidhi clan, Karunanidhi blowing hot-blowing cold over his continuation in the government, Hina Rabbani’s upscale dressing sense, India handing out yet another set of documentary evidence of 26/11 to Pak, a rape bid in distant village of MP, Mayawati inaugurating one more statue of hers, some robberies in West Delhi, a case of honour killing in a remote village of Haryana, hiked prices of petrol and diesel followed by opposition forcing government to do a rollback, umpteenth time adjournment of Parliament because of inflation and corruption, a royal wedding, a stupid PIL submitted in a court to put stay order on some movie/lyrics of a song, critics making the heroes out of our cricket team one day and then ripping them apart the next day, some slow progress on long pending cases like Ayodhya, 1992 Bombay riots, 2002 Gujarat riots and not to forget, skeletons of 1984 bloodbath after Indira Gandhi’s assassination…so on and so forth…

I mean, I know I can’t start writing my own newspaper nor can I control what happens in the country. But what I would really like to read are the different perspectives on the same recycled news, how those affect me. I would like to see the lesser explored and exposed areas of India in ink and paper. 

But what really is the cherry on the cake story amongst the many frivolous stories in the newspapers is the result of a research, done at some European university, which reads as ‘Men do not think about anything other than sex’…!!! Whoa!! Touché!!  :D

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thankful for my Bunch…

One thing constant in and behind my failed relationships has been trusting people blindly. I have been hurt so badly so many times that by now, I should be immune to the pain and hurt that comes along. But, I guess that never happens. Every single incident leaves me cheated, betrayed and sick. That is possibly the only thing I should focus on changing in me before it goes beyond my ways to repair the loss.

That is also the reason why I have very few friends. Very few. And I crib about not having that big gang of buddies who party hard, take holidays together, have house parties…the usual fun and all. Yes, I always whined about not having ‘such’ friends. Until today. 

It was just a normal day and then things happened. I could feel myself choked, my eyes all welled up and that sinking feeling in my heart. I wanted to blurt it out to someone. To a friend. I just wanted to be heard. I wanted a friend who could be around me at that time. I wanted that comfort. I tried calling and reaching out to a few, but it could not happen. I decided to spend some time alone in a café and just do nothing. Sitting there, I texted a very dear friend about my bad mood. And then she called. After talking to her for about half an hour, surprisingly, my mind felt calm, at peace, relieved and happy.

That made me thinking…do I really need a big gang of friends?? Or, should I count my blessings and be grateful of what I have??? The answer was right in front of me. I realized I do not need fair-weather friends. What I need and…thankfully, I have, are rough-weather friends or should I say, friends for all seasons…

The names did not take long to pop up in my head when I thought of those I could call at 2 in the night and they will help me out. Ya, very clichéd, but true.

So yes, I don’t need a bunch…four are good for me…

I thought it apt to take this as a way to thank all of them for being there for me in their own special ways. This post is dedicated to them. 

Here go my special 4 (in alphabetical order):

·        Ashish – I met him at work in a CA firm. He always, ya always, listens to me and my side of story. He has been a witness to my career shift and has supported me all through. 

My best moment with him was when he flew down from Mumbai for a very dear friend’s marriage. He had no confirmed ticket and shelled out some fortune to get an airline ticket. All this because I was after his life to come for the wedding as we had not met for a long long time and I had been looking forward to meeting him at the party, having lot of conversations with him, again on my career and a ‘DOA’ love life…

He truly is a gem.

·        Chetan – We met during our CA classes and the first day I talked to him was to ask him to drop me home as it was raining and he stayed pretty close to my house. We became really close friends after that. I became good friends with his wife Chetna too. They moved to Australia 4 years back but we have not lost touch. He, without fail for last 4 years, has been convincing me to move to Australia as it offers good life and chances of finding my life partner are high there!! Well, it is very tempting… Also, he wishes me birthday every year when I am thinking he will forget this time…

When he was moving to Australia, I had asked him to visit Opera House whenever he goes to Sydney. My most favourite memory with him is when he called me up from the Sydney Opera House saying he is standing there and it looks beautiful!! 

Chetan, you are the best and I miss you calling me ‘Naine’… :(

·        Daddaa He did not take my calls today. The last I spoke with him was couple of months back. His texts have been sporadic. I should be really pissed off with him after all this. But he is my daddaa. He advises me, listens to me, acts like a wall because mostly I am just writing and writing without getting any replies…

I have noticed that he does text back, when I am least expecting it. All the sensible and calming words that I need to hear come in my phone inbox once in a while. Those are my best moments with him. 

I am sure he knows what he means to me…

·        Mann – She is the one who called me today after I had texted her about my bad mood. We met in our PG course 2 years ago and the friendship took its own sweet time to grow and reach where it is now. 

She is wild, wacky yet sensible; a tomboy yet has a beautiful feminine side to her.

My best memories with her are those moments when she was around when I most needed someone. She is very absent-minded when it comes to replying to a text. But God knows how she calls me so fast after reading some awful texts from me.

One such moment was today. She called me when I was least expecting her to call. I thought she would text back at most and that too after like 2 hours…but she did call. Another time, I had texted her when I had broken a ligament. And she called. And on another occasion, just a night before a college presentation when she got to know that my mom was not well, she called me to ask about her. Mann, do you recall this one??

She calls me ‘Nemo’ when she is in a good mood and we call each other ‘grasshopper’ and ‘cow’…God knows why…

Mann, stay around…love you grasshopper!!

As I end this post, my only wish to God is when I read this couple of years from now, the names remain as is…no more and no less. I would definitely make more friends going forward in life but then my bunch is kinda full and complete…

I am very grateful and humbled that atleast I have four to count on…in the world full of people who continue to surprise me…

And ya, a quote that says “Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget” is how I want to end it with... :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ten day you Challenge - Post 10. One picture of me.

I am having such mixed feelings this moment as I write my final post in the challenge. I am happy that I managed to write new post every single day non-stop for 10 days. There is a little, very little, sadness on the series coming to an end. I had gotten so used to writing it.
But I want to end the series with lot of happy feelings. And the last post happens to be one picture of myself.
Since this post does not suggest putting a ‘recent picture of yourself’ so I decided to dig into my images database and take out a picture that has lot of memories attached to it. 

This picture was taken on my Mumbai trip same time two years ago. The place happens to be Marine Drive. I remember I had sprained my foot and had it in crepe bandage. But I and my sister decided to venture out anyways. So after darshan at Sidhhivinayak Temple, we headed for Marine Drive. We got down from the bus near Marine Lines station and thought we will manage the walk till the very end of the road near Hilton. On our way, we spotted a Jumbo Vadapav shop and got two vadapavs and a glass each of Kachi Kairi (raw mango) and Kala Khatta soda packed. I know so very Delhiite but we were starving and there was no Mc Donald’s in sight! Beside, brand colours and packaging of this vadapav brand were exactly like Mc D.
So holding that vadapav packet in one hand and soda glasses in the other ,we managed to walk for about forty five minutes when we finally reached the extreme point at Marine Drive, all with my limping foot. The food tasted yumm…it was almost sunset and the weather was awesome, it being monsoon time. Picture perfect moment.
I sure have lot of better pictures of mine but not all good pictures may have memories…they may just be a click afterall…

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ten day you Challenge - Post 9. Two songs.

I can’t believe I have reached the penultimate post in the 10 day challenge. Still feels like I started only yesterday. I managed the weekdays in between and what not. It sure is giving me a happy feeling.  :)

Today I am sharing my two songs that I like the most. Again, it is so unfair to limit the number to just two when music is the only constant in my life. I think I have mentioned before as well that at any time there is some song or the other playing in my head. I never need any orchestra to play background score in my life….!! :D

Okay, so my two favourite songs are:

It must have been love by Roxette.
I love this song and listen to it often. It has been sung so well and is also the original soundtrack of one of my favourite movies, Pretty Woman. There is certain comfort level to it that makes me coming back to it everytime I am feeling low.

This line from the song touches me the most :

Make believing we are together…
That I am sheltered by your heart…

Baawra Mann dekhne chala ek sapna from the movie Hazaaron Khwahishein Aisi.
There is so much soul to this song and I listen to it most when I want to shut myself out from the world. I love everything about it, lyrics, music and the playback. Swanand Kirkire’s voice has taken the song to a totally new level.

Best time to enjoy this song is when you retire to bed, just put on your earplugs and play it at an easy-on-your-ears volume. You will love the experience.

I particularly like this line from the song:

Baawre se iss jahan mein baawra ek saath ho…
Iss sayani bheed mein bas haathon mein tera haath ho…

I hope you enjoyed this musical post.

See you all tomorrow with the final post in the challenge.  :)