Wednesday, December 31, 2014

When the coffee was not brewing...

Well, another year is drawing to a close and I admit I spent far less time in this house than I would have wanted. However, I do have pretty good reasons of not been able to give time here because there were things, people and experiences that needed my attention and time.

1.      Until 2013 end, I kept saying I want to learn a new language. Like many resolutions I have made in the past, I knew where this one was headed too. To be broken. But 2014 started and I enrolled for Spanish classes. Long way to go on this road but at least I made a start.

2.      My little sister, Zingy, got married this year. Before the wedding, time went by in shopping, planning and post wedding, missing her! Sigh..

3.      And so, my solo travel began finally. From cool climes of Manali to warm dusty roads of Gujarat and then to the lazy beaches of Goa. Just the beginning, I say.

Lip-smacking food, gorgeous scenery. I shall always be the one who travels for food.

4.      I ate, drank and basically made merry.

If all this kept me busy, I ain’t complaining at all. But yes, I do promise (an earnest one at that) that I shall write about these things more. I promise to bring you more stories from my travels, eat-outs and all the things that you would like to read about. There!

Let 2015 be - Travel. Eat. Read. Learn. Dance. Laugh. Write. Repeat. Wishing you all a very happy new year!